For the past two generations, the Giorgino family, assisted by highly qualified, experienced and up-to-date executives, managers, technicians and workers, has been committed to pursuing IGIEMME’s goals, guaranteeing real value to its customers, in the creation of exclusive, innovative and high-quality cardboard packaging in an efficient and reliable manner.

Packaging, in addition to a protective function, assumes a fundamental role regarding the positioning of a product in the market. We are aware of our responsibility, and for this reason, we offer our clients personalized advice in the choice of shapes, materials, inks and/or varnishes, and more.

From prototype creation to production, our specialized technicians, with proven experience in the papermaking industry, monitor each process and analyze aesthetic, functional and structural requirements in order to “tailor” the best packaging for our customers, treating their data with extreme care, guaranteeing privacy, security and reliability.

Showing customer care also comes through the speed with which orders received are fulfilled. Such efficiency is the result of a perfect, time-tested organization with specific rules of planning, scheduling and control.

Urgency often originates from unexpected events.

To meet this need, we have grasped the importance of offering flexible services (elasticity of response to the characteristics of the customer’s order) and timely responses, because unexpected events know no schedules or holidays.